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Why Choose Us

Hutchison Cabinets LTD is a family-run business established in Westlock, Alberta in 1983. We are proud to be a Canadian manufacturer and to have the privilege of delivering on our commitment of superior customization. Our goal is to ultimately furnish every home with Hutchison products and we strive to achieve this by consistently providing excellent work.

We have more than 50 years of collective experience in making custom kitchens and vanities all the way to handling hundreds of thousands of custom cabinetry projects. This colorful background gives us the capability to create what our customers want.

Over time, we have upgraded the quality of our services. Our team adheres to the highest standards for our manufacturing processes, resulting in products of premium caliber. Moreover, we don’t treat our customers as simply a number. The owners of Hutchison Cabinets are involved in every step of the process when building your custom product.

About Our Company

Hutchison Cabinets LTD was founded in 1983 by Larry and Lenore Hutchison. It was very clear right from the beginning what the foundation of the business was going to be infused with what makes us who we are as a family-owned-and-operated business—trust-exceptional quality craftsmanship—creating other families’ dreams and visions come to reality with the Hutchison customization experience.

Over the years, we have had our products in over 5,000 homes in Western Canada. We have kitchen installs still older than Larry and Lenore's son Jon Hutchison who is currently the General Manager and VP of Operations. When you meet Jon his smile lights up the room, and with over 50 years in cabinetry experience combined between the Hutchison family, you will be sure to know right away that we truly want all of your expectations not just to be met but know that you have chosen the best industry partner to have your cabinetry manufactured by.

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